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This makes Election very important to them. These year-old individuals eligible to be Representatives in American politics will deal with the U. I am going to go away predictions concerning the subsequent American President for an additional time however we will anticipate to see all courses, ages, genders, colours, backgrounds and nationalities sharing the facility. Perhaps this affects you past simply international developments, so do forged your eye over the horoscope set for you time, place and date of start.

Are you a Premium member? Login now to see your start chart. Or choose a membership plan to create your chart. When you, your associate, associates or family have personal start chart elements at 20, 21, 22 of any zodiac sign in any respect, then January opens the gate to critical change. In reality, it is going to be an entire new world out there and you or they will be affected. The perfect instance to think about right here is the arrival of the internet in Back then no one knew what it was. For you!

Web Profile. Worldwide Net. House City. LEO: Youngsters. Younger Individuals. Enemies or opponents. Overseas Connections. Social Status. What we now have here is a statement about super energy that might be distributed in a different way. You will notice it just about in all places.

At work. At residence. You love to be original in your own views. You may not be not be executed your plans in reality with your own effort. You may fit for the other plan. There is a possibility that you have to live a forced life. You may lead a complicated relationship. It may be before or after your marriage.

Your conjugal life may not be a happy one. There is a possibility that you may much may understood for your every action and it feel that you are an isolated person from your life, from your all relative and from your loving partner. You may live an unconventional life because most of your views and ideas may be unconventional. This views and ideas will have the power to make you successful in the stony way of your life.

Your ambition may be much hindered by the opposition and conspiracy from others. You need the greatest point of patience in carrying out your projects whatever it may be, a large or a small one. You have the underlying wish to fulfil all of your plans into reality at a large length. You may be successful in to some extent and it may be with the help of your pen or by your speech or the sword or even matters little. You are an excellent speaker but you dont have the power of oratory as by plain speaking often too much for your own good. You are a person who have a lots of friends both good and bad qualities.

So be selective while you are selecting your friends. Your good friends may help you a lot to overcome your bad situations. The persons who are born in the months of February, April and December, may be the favourable person for you. You also have the great fortune because you will able to get the pleasure of your supportive colleagues at your respective working fields. But the persons, who are born on the months of later part of February, and May, may be very dangerous for you. So try to stay apart from them. You possess the extra ordinary vitality. This may make you more strong and active.

It may produce the extra energy to do your works. There is a possibility to meet an accident and even injury. So be careful while you are in road. There is also a possibility that the principal parts of the body more liable to be afflicted are the lower limbs and feet. You may suffer from violence. Be systematic at your food. Otherwise you may suffer from high per acidity. There is a possibility that you may be attacked with the problems of high blood pressure and some of your cardiac problems. So be a bit careful regarding your health.

If you want to flourish your luck to the good sense, you have to wear the dresses of dark shades of grey. Through this colour you may able to wipe out all of your enemies at your working fields. The lucky colours for the students are gold, bronze and golden brown. With the help of the above colours the students may achieve their respective goals and can reach to the extent point of their ambitions.

The persons, who are related to the fields of business, if they want to increase their magnetic vibration, must wear the attire with the colours of grey, blue, sapphire-blue, pastels and even any kinds of electric colours.

Rat Chinese Zodiac 2020 Predictions: Characteristics and Traits

All the above mentioned colours may be very favourable for you and your respective career. I was not referring to that. Yes, we believe in Celebrating Christmas. I celebrate Christmas in very spiritual way and besides its for Children. I know all about the Roman god and the celebration etc. You are percent right about greed, and so forth. Yes, its very sad, and we live in a very different time and our society has changed over time. We both do not have to be part of the greed and we are not and we do a lot of helping in our community and especially around Christmas and Pascha Easter That is the important of celebrating is helping people who do not have.

Trust me, a lot of good people help others and there are good people in this world. Yes, we are experience sense of greed, and so forth. Remember, nothing last forever. Be well and peace to you for the coming year, and many blessings to you and your family, and Joyous New Year of Hallo, sorry for my english is not so good!..

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I would not worry so much and focus more on the present then the future. Its what we do now and result for the future. What a horrible time for living. Lou Maybe better in that time , 1 month before and 1 month after you change your place. Try to live in a country where y angles are in a trine to this conjunctions. And add some asteroids which are relevant to yr actual life situation. I get the event on my Anti-Vertex. Asteroid Veritas conj my Vertex and already I have a fatet subject since 7y on hangign on my Antivertex and same time there hangs progr.

Saturn-Jupiter conjunction….. And since it is not enough : Saturn con my natal Jupiter. Saturn in Cap ….

Future Predictions -When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

Fasten your seat belts and belive in yourrself Lou. The birth of the new world is a very painful and a dramatic experience. The soul people must free themselves from every and all ego people and their control structures.

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  4. This is how we can learn who we are, really, and mature spiritually. Difficult, possible, inevitable! So what… my grandparents went through two world wars… they told me they had a great time. Not everyone will be affected, but yeah, if you feel like you deserve some whipping, Pluto and Saturn will gladly show you the ropes.

    After-all, if the shoe fits… if you WANT it, they gladly oblige.

    Self-fulfilling prophecy. Keep that death wish alive, Pluto loves it. All good stuff…. Astrology research is never ending. This is scaring the hell out of me. It squares my Jupiter usually negative for me especially my health. Note a mars conjunction with this aspect around the 21st March as the sun enters Aries. End of the world anyone? I think with all of the outer planets it will be world events, Take note of the planets in your chart that will be aspected and understand personal planets will be personal and outer will be outer! Have you read about the A I brain interface they are planning?

    Elon Musk even sounds scared.

    Beware the machine! Mercury Eclipsed; YES and I have my natal Sun at 22Cn48 and am dreading this transit. I have the conjunction happening in my 8th house, opposing my Mars at 24 Cancer in the 2nd.


    January Astrology Predictions – Part One | Jessica Adams

    I think I will be fighting to keep my modest home on my own again, modest salary, at least for a while. I saw this coming thanks to astrology, so we have been assertively paying off debt since and are in much better position to weather this storm. But still, there will be other things to deal with societally. My stepson is in the Army, and we are very concerned for him.

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    This Week in Astrology: January 13 to 19, 12222

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    Kelly Knox January 13, at am I just survived a Saturn return in Lynn February 13, at pm Meditation will help. Good luck! Kate A April 21, at pm What do you think of a Saturn return at 24 Capricorn in the second house when this Saturn conjunct Pluto transits 22 Capricorn next January? Kelly Knox July 15, at pm I had my Saturn return in